Principal's message

However, we do have an overwhelming sense of pride for the magnificent adults that our graduating class of 2018 have become. We wish, Isobella, Jake, Room 9; Alexandra, Room 14; Connor, Room 17; Leigh, Room 15;and Bradley, Mitchell, Hayden, Rodger, Mathias, Room 16, all the very best for their graduation day, to be celebrated with their families, fellow students and staff next Tuesday, and for their future endeavours. All members of our school community are invited to come and experience the final assembly for our graduating students on Monday in the Multipurpose room.

2018 School Times

Next year the school will be changing our start and finish times, as well as the timing of our sessions and break times. This is to comply with new employee condition requirements of the new Victorian Government Schools agreement. The biggest change is that school instruction will start at 9.00 am. We are meeting with the bus companies this week to work out the new bus times for next year and will keep you up dated on any changes.



Education State in Schools Forum 

I was very privileged to be one of a very small number of Principals from across the state to be invited to take place in a two day conference last week entitled the  Education State in Schools forum.  The forum was hosted by DET and attended by just under 70 people, including all of the DET heiracrchy as well as representative from DET’s  partner organisations Parents Victoria, Victorian Student Representation Council (VicSRC), the Country Education Partnership (CEP), Victorian Council of Social Services (VCOSS), School Governance Network (SGN) and the Victorian Aboriginal Education Association Inc. (VAEAI). The purpose of the forum was to develop a shared understanding and ownership of the progress made so far in the Education State, which is the name given to the large range of school improvement changes that have been implemented by DET under the Labour Government, and to explore system challenges and identify shared priorities for the next phase of our improvement journey.  I was very honoured to represent the voices of Bendigo Special Developmental School and of all Special Schools in the discussion and pleased to say that our personalised approach to learning was applauded and this will become a major focus for all schools in 2018. 

Kirshy McAinch