Principal's message

Teachers are currently doing a range of Reading and Mathematics Assessments and for this term, have planned learning experiences to incorporate aspects of community and what it means to be a member of a community.  On a professional development level, the teaching staff have been increasing our knowledge in phonics instruction (understanding the different sounds different letters and letter combinations make) to further expand on our reading focus within the curriculum this year.


Absence SMS Messages


The Department of Education has recently changed their regulations with regard to the unapproved absence of students.  It is now a requirement for the school to make contact with the parents and carers of any student who is not at school by 9:30 am. This means that teachers will be marking the rolls by 9:15 am.  An automatic message will be sent via SMS or text to inform you that your child is absent from school.  This process will only occur for unapproved absences.  If we know your child is going to be away for appointments or if they are ill and you let the school know, they will be marked as an approved absence.  If you have any questions about this process, please do not hesitate to have a chat to your teacher




Given the need for teachers to be in their class to mark their roles and support all students in their morning routine, we have increasingly found it difficult to begin Assembly on time at 0915.  A such, we will be starting all assemblies (both Monday and Friday) at 0930.  We know that this is not perfectly convenient for parents and carers who would like to stay for assembly, but it does give teachers the opportunity to comply with their requirements and all students the best support to be involved.  If you would like to stay for assembly after drop off, you are more than welcome to head to the staff room and have a cuppa and a biscuit and read the paper.  Maybe it might help you have a few more minutes of ‘me’ time or mindfulness in your day.



Canada Inclusive Education Study Research


Earlier this year, I applied for, in partnership with Peter Bush, the Principal of Kalianna School, and was lucky enough to receive a scholarship from the Victorian Principal’s Association to investigate world’s best practice in Inclusive Education.  This research will be presented to the Department of Education in the form of recommendations to adopt at a whole of state level. As such, between Thursday 26th April and Friday 18th May, I will be on study leave to go to two provinces (states) in Canada (Ontario and Saskatchewan).  Peter and I have a jammed packed program that includes a wide range of meetings and visits such as meeting with the Ministry of Education in Ontario, touring inclusive University programs, special, elementary (primary), secondary and pre-school programs and schools, both in inner metropolitan areas and also in regional and remote areas.  We will also meet with parent groups, school councils and education department regional staff.  We will be looking at, amongst other things, these key areas


  • How Special Education and Inclusive Education is defined

  • What funding models are in place to support Inclusive Education

  • How the physical layout of schools support Inclusive Education

  • What curriculum, assessment and reporting frameworks and processes are in place to support Inclusive Education,

  • If and how standardised testing supports all student involvement

  • How Tertiary Education equips the teaching service for Inclusive Education practices, and

  • How transitions from pre-school to school, to post-school options are supported and planned for students with diverse learning needs


During the time that I am away, Jenny Annett will be the Acting Principal.I know that she will be able to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have during this time.  To further support the leadership team in my absence an Acting Leading Teacher will be appointed for three weeks.  I look forward to sharing my research findings with the school community upon my return and I would like to thank the Leadership Team and the School Council for their support of me to undertake this amazing opportunity


NDIS Support


Speaking of NDIS, we are very lucky to have one of our parents, Sarah Chignell, who has extensive experience with understanding and managing the NDIS with her son, volunteer her time on  a Monday to support and offer advice to other families. If you would like to chat with Sarah or seek her advice, please contact the school and we will arrange a time for you to chat to her on a Monday she is available.  Thank you Sarah for being so willing to help others through this often confusing and at times daunting system.

Kirshy McAinch