Principal's message

School Council made the decision to reduce the amount of fees this year, lowering the total amount to $300 per child for the whole year. This equates to $7.15 a week for the personalised, rich and extensive learning experiences that your child receives! Unfortunately, we still have $24,000.00 outstanding in parent contributions, which goes to show how many families have not made any contribution to date. This amount of money could buy our students 58 iPad minis, 3000 readers and books, 5 large touch screen televisions, 12 trampolines, and any amount of specialised sensory equipment. I urge you to support our school and your child by prioritising the parent contributions into your budget. This can be paid in so many ways, by instalments at $10 a fortnight, through Centrepay or any other way that will work for your family situation. Please have a talk to our Business Manager Marg in the office about how we can support you to assist in supporting our school.


Absence SMS Messages


The Department of Education has recently changed their regulations with regard to the unapproved absence of students.  It is now a requirement for the school to make contact with the parents and carers of any student who is not at school by 9:30 am. This means that teachers will be marking the rolls by 9:15 am.  An automatic message will be sent via SMS or text to inform you that your child is absent from school.  This process will only occur for unapproved absences.  If we know your child is going to be away for appointments or if they are ill and you let the school know, they will be marked as an approved absence.  If you have any questions about this process, please do not hesitate to have a chat to your teacher


NDIS Support


We are very lucky to have one of our parents, Sarah Chignell, who has extensive experience with understanding and managing the NDIS with her son, volunteer her time on  a Monday to support and offer advice to other families. If you would like to chat with Sarah or seek her advice, please contact the school and we will arrange a time for you to chat to her on a Monday she is available.  Thank you Sarah for being so willing to help others through this often confusing and at times daunting system.

Kirshy McAinch