Principal's message


Our team was made up of a large number of students who have not represented SDS before in interschool sports.  They trained for a few days before the big game and we saw a great improvement in their skills.  Unfortunately, we did not bring home the trophy, but we did bring home plenty of big smiles, great laughs, happy memories and new skills – and that’s a win in my book!



SWPNS Parent Club Reward Day


Thank you to our amazing Parent SWPBS Team who rewarded all of our students with an Icy Pole or Ice Cream today. This is part of our wider acknowledgement system to reward our Students for Acting Safely, Showing Respect and Being Their Best at the start of the new schooling year.  Do not forget to refer to your SWPBS Handbook to explain how these set of expectations work in our school and how they could be transfer to your home setting.  In addition, if you have any questions, please contact the school, and a parent member would be happy to chat you through their positive experiences with SWPBS in their home.


Parent School Wide Positive Behaviour Support Handbook

Each family will receive a copy of the handbook created by the Parent School Wide Positive Behaviour Committee to explain what School Wide Positive Behaviour Support is, what it looks like in our school and how you can use it in your own home to support your child. 

This is an amazing resource created over many, many hours and with incredible dedication and attention to detail by Natalie Beale, Leah Thomas and Rachael Byrne.  I thank them sincerely and congratulate them on the passion and knowledge they have for SWPBS.  Once you have had a read, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school to make a time to talk to one of the parent team, or chat to your teacher. 



Hospital Passport


Recently I attended a meeting to learn about a pilot project run by Bendigo Health.  The project creates a document called a Hospital Passport and is designed to be a one stop shop of all the information that relates to your child.  It covers things such as how they communicate, what they like to eat and drink; how they will demonstrate particular feelings and how health practitioners can best interact with your child.  The idea is that information is on file at the hospital, although, you will also have a copy, and this stops you having to repeat or explaining your child and their preferences repeatedly.  One of our families recently used this Passport during a hospital admission for an operation and found it to be invaluable.  We are currently organising a workshop day at the school for parents and carers to come along and make these documents.  The date for this information session is Thursday 15th March, 9 - 12



Kirshy McAinch