Principal's message

This money will build a brand new Sensory Outdoor Play space that will be fully accessible for all of our students, including our students in wheelchairs. The playground will replace the bark chips and aging playground equipment in the ‘main yard’ which is directly out the back of the room 1 – 12 classrooms. This is an amazing enhancement to our school and something for which we are so grateful. At this stage, we are unsure when the works to install the playground will begin, but I will keep you posted on this exciting development. A special thank you must go out to Rosie Critchley, who wrote the initial grant application for this playground several years ago. Thank you Rosie and thank you DET with the support of Maree Edwards to make this a reality.


Wonderful Camp Experiences
Over the last two weeks, we have had three wonderful camp experiences for our students. These have involved the students of Room 17, Room 16 and the Early Years Unit. The Early Years Unit held a sleepover on Friday 12th October, coupled with a full day of fun activities including a trip to Jumpz, a pool party and a festive feast with a delicious range of home cooked meals to cater for every student. The students then slept in their classrooms after settling down to a movie after completing their bedtime routines. It was an outstanding success and for some students, this was their first night away from their parents – ever! What a wonderful achievement for all involved. The students of Room 17 and Room 16 respectively have been taking part in Outdoor Learning Experiences that have been designed and supported by the Outdoor Education students at Latrobe University. This wonderful partnership between the school and the University has given university students the opportunity to thoroughly plan, from go to woe, an accessible and inclusive outdoor education program and it has enabled our student to have one on one staffing support to access amazing activities. The Room 17 students camped overnight at the school in tents, visited parks and playgrounds, rode bikes, went on a hike, caught the train around Bendigo, visited Pepper Green Farm and made pizzas and in doing so, experienced a whole new range of places, activities and foods. The Room 16 students went on a canoeing camp. The first learnt to canoe at the Eaglehawk pool, before going to Crusoe reserve and finally camped out and canoed at Lake Eppalock. Once again, this experience has been a brilliant adventure for our students, teaching them new skills and building their confidence and capacity to try new tasks. All of these extraordinary experiences would not have been possible without the dedication of our incredible staff; I wish to thank all involved for their tireless commitment to our students above and beyond the call of duty.

Contract Bus Professional Development Workshop
On Thursday 18th October, Bendigo SDS hosted a Professional Development workshop for all of the Bus Operators, drivers and chaperones. Jenny Annett, Kirsty Phillips, Xiao Zhang and Hamish Morcom presented the workshop and covered the following areas:
 Notice of Concern and Behaviour Data collection  School-Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SW-PBS)  Ways to facilitate communication with students, understanding their wants and needs and giving instruction  Responding to Behaviours of Concern  A Questions and Open Discussion session
The feedback from the session was very positive and will continue to assist in building on the knowledge and skills of the contract bus staff as well as strengthening the partnership between the bus staff and the school to support the travel of all of our students.


Kirshy McAinch