Principal's message

We have many exciting ventures to look forward to this year including the introduction of Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) across our school, the establishment of the Senior and Junior School and a change to the way that students experience our specialist classes, STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics) program, Music and Performing Arts and Health and Physical Education.  We will also continue our focus on reading instruction and teachers will be working in their PLCs to created targeted assessment frameworks for all of the learning areas across the school; and of course, we still have all of our other wonderful programs that the students love, enjoy and learn so much from.  


Staff changes:
We have had a number of staff changes over the Christmas break from our team last year.  We wish the following people every success in their new ventures and welcome those new to different roles within our staffing team this year.


As you are all aware, we have had a significant number of changes to the bus runs after a review from the Department of Education and Training Student Transport Unit. Firstly I would like to say a massive thank you to all of you for your flexibility at short notice to adapt to the new changes, and a massive congratulations to our students, who have handled the changes extremely well. I must also say a huge thank you to Kirsty Phillips who has worked with Student Transport, the bus companies and most importantly, many families to firstly convey all of the changes to families and then work to provide the best solutions in the circumstances for students and their families.  Over the next week or so, we should have a more accurate picture of the bus times and if there are any issues with timings, we will be able to make those changes.  Please contact Kirsty if you have any issues with the bus.


Swimming in 2019

This year, the swimming program will take on a different format to accommodate the expansion of the Health and Physical Education curriculum to include a broader coverage of areas such as gross motor skills, nutrition, healthy bodies and healthy minds and sport specific skills.  These classes will be taught by Melissa Zysvelt and all students will have these classes every week.  Swimming will be taught by Jenny Annett for each class for one term. Students with high physiotherapy needs that require hydrotherapy will continue to swim twice a week.  Your teacher will be able to tell you which term you child will be swimming.


Kirshy McAinch